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The History of Jodhpur – The Period of Kings

The History of Jodhpur – The Period of Kings

The History of Jodhpur

The History of Jodhpur – The Period of Kings…

Jodhpur is a place fully jam-packed with history, mysteries, culture and tradition. All this is represented in the magical and wonderful historical and exquisite sites. A lot of people do visit this place once and again because they can’t help it. Local tourists, as well as international tourists, are compelled towards Jodhpur during different times of the year. Where you are in crazy pursuit for fun and adventure, educational purposes, religious retreat or business purposes, Jodhpur is the place to go. The place has Best heritage hotels and resorts that harbour the whole family comfortably.

Jodhpur is the second-largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is also historically referred to as the Kingdom of Marwar. Jodhpur was princely ruled under the British colonialism from the year 1818 to the year 1949. Jodhpur city was founded by a Rajput chief known as Rao Jodha. Rao Jodha was from the clan of Rathore. He conquered the territory of Mehrangarh and even built a temple there which still stand even now. The temple was named after the goddess Rao worshipped called Chamunda Devi. The temple was meant to protect them from a curse rendered by the saint who lived in the hill before Rao conquered them.

Rao Jodha had made Mandore which was his hometown to serve as the capital, but later he shifted the capital to Jodhpur. Later, under the Mughal Empire, the state owed fealty to the Mughal kings hence exposing Jodhpur to new architectural styles. The Mughals Lords were tough and so Jodhpur had no other option but to submit. Veer Durgadas Rathore restored the throne to its rightful owner-Maharaja, Ajit Singh after Aurangzeb presided for a short period.

Ajit Bhawan is still the home to Royal Family and has lovingly maintained the legacy of Marwar. Ajit in the Hindi language means – The invincible and Bhawan is the synonym to home. True to its name stands tall and mighty red sandstone architectural grandeur built in 1927 for Major General Maharaj Dhiraj Sir Ajit Singh Ji, the younger brother of Maharaja Shri Umaid Singh of erstwhile Jodhpur State. The palace is still home to the royal family and is open to all as well… Read More

Years later, the Mughal Empire declined and as a result, Marwar kingdom experienced some conflicts. The State was aided by the Marathas who helped it to sabotage and overthrow state Mughal lords from power. After independence, Jodhpur remained as a princely state under the British and joined the Union of India after being convinced by Sardar Patel. In the year 1956, Jodhpur was made part of Rajasthan.

Now, Jodhpur is known to host many functions including royal weddings in their prestigious heritage hotels. Starting from the historical festivals held in the place to revive history, the magical and unique site, Jodhpur has always won the votes to be the best place to go during holidays or retreats.

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