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The 19 Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip

The 19 Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip

Solo Trip to Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur

Having a little ‘me’ time is quite a getaway from all the daily chores, duties and the same environment. It helps you know yourself better and enjoy yourself as well. For a solo trip to be 100% effective, choosing the right place to visit counts on it. Jodhpur is a place you want to put in your prior list. This place is magical, exquisite and full of sites, places, and heritage hotels like Ajit Bhawan that you must pay a visit. As you plan on visiting a place or a solo trip, these are the items you should include in your backpack. These are,

The 19 Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip

Travel plan

Have a list of places you want to visit. Jodhpur has the best places to visit and best heritage hotels like Ajit Bhawan. In your to-do-list, include all the activities you are planning on doing during your travel.


A wallet can be versatile. It can serve many purposes. You can put some money or other documents like the passport or contact info card.

Clothes with a pocket

It can be a shirt or a jacket with a pocket which might be zipped or not. For the shirt, a zip is not relevant. This will help you access your essential easily like the keys to your room or wallet.


It can serve as a complement to your outfit as well as keep you warm on chilly nights.Carry one or too but not more than that.

Versatile Shoes

Shoes that you can walk with, jog with or even play games with. Have a pair of shoes that will serve you in many areas and they will remain intact. The shoes should also be air-conditioned to allow circulation of air to your feet.

A foldable tent

Night camping is fun. During various festival celebrated at Jodhpur, night camping is one of the exciting activities to do. Of course, you can’t enjoy it without a tent. So carry along a foldable tent that you can easily put in your backpack.

Rechargeable Headlamp

Jodhpur is dominated by a desert. If you are planning on camping somewhere in this beautiful place, you need a lamp head to light up your night and its gorgeous. You will take your meal under your tent easily and sleep at your time.

Dry Electronic box

To keep your electronics safe from water in case it rains, you need a small and dry box where you can put all of them. Weather changes are not totally predictable.

Personal attires

Vests, underwear, a handkerchief are personal mandatory items that should not miss in your backpack. Pack enough of them for your stay.

Customized First-Aid Kit

Carrying the entire first aid kit can be tiresome and it will take the excess room in your backpack. Put all the necessary requirements from your actual kit to a small plastic bag. Put it in your backpack and you are ready for any health emergency.

Emergency Contact Info Card

Writing your important contact info’s at a piece of paper will be a good plan. You can also write to them at the back of your passport. Put the passport or the piece of paper in your wallet. In case your phone gets lost, you can still ask for help from your contacts.

Emergency Blanket

The hotel provided blanket might get spoilt and you don’t want to spend a cold night. Carry a fitting sized small blanket that will make enough room in your bag for emergency purpose. If you are out camping, this will be very useful.

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A Paper bag

This can save you in case you buy something extra or your bag gets torn. Also, a zip might come off and the extra paper bag will save the day. Here at Jodhpur, we have a lot of good stuff you can purchase a souvenir.

Flip Flops or sleepers

They are a hygienic measure, you won’t have to bathe bear feted in the bathrooms because you might be pricked accidentally. You also use them while walking on the beach or while swimming. You just leave them outside the pool as you swim.

Extra Passport Photos

One passport photo is not enough. Bring two or more for spare in case one gets lost.


Sometimes as you travel, you feel hungry but there is nowhere you can find at that particular time to buy something to eat. It is advisable to carry some snacks in your backpack but in a portable container.

A Jacket or sweater

Carry along one of two of these. They will help keep you warm in case of cold weather.


Envelopes serve importance in one way or another. You can put in documents that you don’t want to lose. You can also put some extra cash rather than putting it all in your pocket, it might save you somewhere. Carry two or three A4 sized envelopes.

Old Cell Phone

Don’t bring along your expensive phone. It will only make your attention to thieves. Just bring the old small phone that will serve the purpose of calling and receiving information.

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