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Valium Kopen Drogist

Valium Kopen Drogist

  • Valium Kopen Drogist

    At Ajit Bhawan we design and coordinate the most amazing weddings. Every bride, groom and each guest will experience how the Royals of Jodhpur celebrated the most important day of their lives. You can choose from a large portfolio of themes – from traditional to modern, from simplistic to exotic. Each wedding is customized to client requirements without overreaching the budget. Leave it to our experts to plan and execute the most luxurious wedding that’s fit for Royalty. We promise you that guests will be talking about it for years!

  • Hotel Overview

    Spread over a vast area of 20,500 square meters, Ajit Bhawan stands testament to grandeur and magnificence since the year 1927. The palace belongs to the erstwhile Royal family of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It has the distinction of being a pioneer heritage hotel. The palace environs give a hint of majesty and flamboyance that are part of their luxurious lifestyle. With its unusual blend of regal Rajasthani traditions and modern amenities, Ajit Bhawan is a connoisseur’s delight and critic’s pleasure. So isn’t it time to set the wedding date?


    Numerous historical monuments line the path towards Ajit Bhawan, hence, making it easily accessible. The famous 15th century Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada is merely 7km away. Its proximity to the Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) the Sardar Market make this luxury hotel the most popular for tourists.

  • Banquet Location

    For hosting upscale weddings Ajit Bhawan palace offers both outdoor and indoor venues.

    • Outdoor venue: Garden Restaurant: 250 max, seating 150 guests Zanana Garden: Seating for 250 attendees.
    • Indoor venue: Restaurant : 150 max with seating Restaurant : 100 max , seating 45 guests Open area   : 5 acres around pool. We provide vintage cars for transfers between locations within the resort.

  • Food and Beverages

    • Breakfast The tastefully prepared breakfast spread with local delicacies.
    • Lunch There is a wide range of dishes from ethnic Rajasthani delicacies to International flavours. Meals can be customized to clients’ tastes.
    • Dinner Our vintage wines and liquors will gratify even a hardened connoisseur. Our gourmet meals are aimed at giving you a classic experience.

  • Wedding Decoration

    Leave it to our professional Wedding Planners to plan and execute a theme in sync with your individual tastes and budget. Besides the actual decoration of the Mandap and bar, other wedding services include:

    • Light, Music and DJ, expert Mehendi artists and Meena Bazar,
    • Procession of the Baratis fit for Royalty, with elephant ride for the groom and vintage cars for the relatives,
    • Priests and puja items,
    • Fireworks display and much more.

    • Main Entrance Evening View

    • Mehendi Setup at Dhani

    • Zanana Garden Peacock Theme

    • Lunch Setup Garden Restaurant

    • Purple Theme Setup

    • Zanana Garden Entrance

    • Pool Setup for Sangeet Ceremony

  • Outdoor Banquet

    Khaas Bagh means special garden, an old colonial building with large open area and Osian translates as oasis and both these Banquet outdoors are extraordinary. We promise an excellent selection of beverages to please a true connoisseur. Carefully crafted by celebrated Chefs, our gourmet meals bring back the flavours of an authentic repast of Rajasthan.

  • Connectivity

    Ajit Bhawan, the pioneering luxury hotel is well connected by road, rail and air.

    • Jodhpur Airport: The hotel is a mere 15-minute drive from Jodhpur airport. There are frequent direct flights connecting Jodhpur with Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.
    • Jodhpur Railway Station: The railway station is situated just 4kms from the hotel.
    • Road: The state of Rajasthan has an excellent network of National and State Highways.

    Our Royal Wedding Advantages

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    Delectable menus

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    Reserved parking

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    Add-on services

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    Dedicated Wedding Planner

Want to marry like the Royals of Jodhpur

A wedding at Ajit Bhawan defines magnificence and grandeur. To know more, contact us at:

+91-2912513333, +91-2912510410

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