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Order Valium Online Nz

Order Valium Online Nz

  • Order Valium Online Nz

    After all the sightseeing and adventure, it is now time for relaxation and rejuvenation at our luxury spa. For an unparalleled bespoke experience in spa treatments please do visit the Ajit Spa. It offers a wide range of Indian healing therapies. Our beauty treatments will invigorate the senses and tone the muscles like never before. Here, you will be pampered like the privileged Maharajas and Maharanis in ancient times. Take home memories of a truly Royal Experience!

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  • Village Safari

    Started by the Maharajas of Jodhpur, the Bishnoi village safari provides you a peek into the ethnic Marwari lifestyle. Exquisite handicrafts, woven carpets and hand-made pots created by the tribal artisans are popular with tourists from across the globe. The Guda Bishnoi Lake is surrounded by exotic flora, famous among which is the khejri tree. The lake also provides a superb watering hole for Indian Blackbuck and Chinkaras. It is also a perfect breeding ground for migratory birds like Cranes.

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  • Vintage Cars

    What can be more regal than driving around town in a classic vintage car? The answer is – a royal butler to escort you. So explore Jodhpur and its surroundings as much as you can. Built by the Rajputs, the Chamunda Mata temple is a revered deity in Rajasthan. The temple is situated within the confines of the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and is worth a visit. Another interesting monument is the Clock Tower and the Sardar Market. The market boasts of over 7000 retail outlets selling saris, handicrafts and Indian spices among other things.

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  • Desert Safari

    Jodhpur city and its surroundings exemplify sand dunes, temples, flavourful cuisine, royal grandeur, beautiful scenery, tribal development and much more. Take a camel ride to Osian, an oasis in the Thar Desert. It is just a couple of hours drive from Jodhpur. Osian boasts of beautiful Hindu and Jain temples. In fact, the town is considered the birthplace of Jainism and is a popular pilgrimage site. Osian also has various other architectural marvels hence the region is called the “Khajuraho” of the state of Rajasthan.

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  • Royal Dining

    Dine like the great royals of Jodhpur! Walk into the Private Dining Room (PDR) at the Maharaja Palace and make yourself comfortable among ancient portraits and artefacts. Your gastronomic senses will be tickled with a wide range of traditional Indian and International flavours. The drinks include an extensive array of handpicked choices from across the world. Dining at the PDR will leave you satiated both gastronomically and emotionally. The colourful dishes, exotic aromas and the ambience of the Dining Room will make you feel like pampered Royalty.

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