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Taking luxury to another level, the Presidential Suites at Ajit Bhawan are undoubtedly the finest accommodation option one can get in the city of Jodhpur. Combining the best of service, space and luxury, our Presidential Suites have pioneered the concept of royal accommodation.

Enveloped by a majestic archway and with vast volumes bathing in light and colour, our Presidential Suites come with unparalled grandeur and the comforts of royalty. Each of these amply oversized, majestic suites is spread over an area of 1850 sq ft and features 2 king-size bedrooms, a seperate living room, 3 well-appointed, spacious bathrooms, an intimate study area and a private courtyard and a lawn.

However, royalty and heritage aren’t the only two things we put on the map. The sophistication and luxury of our suites are crowned by top-notch amenities, completely enriching your stay in Jodhpur.

All in all, Ajit Bhawan’s Presidential Suites are lavishly designed for Heads-of-the-State and luminaries and moguls from all spheres, and come with their own unique privileges that completely behoove the stature of their eminent guests.

  • Buy Xanax On Internet


  • View :

    Suite Courtyard

  • Size :

    4500 sqft

  • Service :


  • Wifi

  • Two Bedroom

  • Private Terrace

  • Spacious Closet

  • Jacuzzi, Steam, Sauna

  • LEDs

  • Big Courtyard

  • Swing

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