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Order Phentermine 37.5Mg Online

  • Order Phentermine 37.5Mg Online

    Refined ambiance, impressive decor and modern amenities; this is how we sum up deluxe rooms at the Ajit Bhawan. Deluxe Rooms are an ideal fit for all sorts of guests, be it single occupants, business visitors or leisure travellers. These modern rooms infused with traditional art are tastefully decorated. Come, blissful comfort and superior amenities await you at the Ajit Bhawan.

  • Luxury Tent

    In the enchanting city of Jodhpur, the Ajit Bhawan Palace, a premier, Heritage hotel in the heart of Jodhpur, offers you the opportunity to experience superlative comfort in their luxury tented accommodation. A remarkable reminiscent of the bygone era of the Rajputs, these traditionally – designed rustic tents are beautifully bedecked with Rajasthani – styled bed linings and curtains, and are a true reflection of Rajasthan’s spirit and cultural heritage.

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  • Vintage Suite

    Unique and exclusive – with unparalleled luxury and stunning open spaces, Ajit Bhawan’s Vintage Suite are a feast for your senses. Embrace and savour the outdoors in your private courtyard, and let the carefully curated interiors of the cottages pamper your senses. Our cottages are intuitively laid out to help you enjoy uninterrupted quietude and exclusivity in the heart of Jodhpur City.

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  • Ajit Suite

    Delicately decorated and tastefully furnished, this is where amenities and comfort coincide. The moment you step into any of our exclusive Ajit Suites, the warmth and the gracefully appointed feel envelop you and leave you enchanted. Ajit Bhawan’s Ajit Suites stand out from all other hotel accommodations in Jodhpur as well as Rajasthan.

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  • Presidential Suite

    The grandeur and the majesty of our Presidential Suite proffer the perfect balance of comfort and elegance. Welcoming one and all, this sprawling accommodation is kingly and sophisticated and spacious and stylish. Furnished with luxurious upholstery and impressive caresses of colours throughout, the Presidential Suites at The Ajit Bhawan, In their own royal seclusion, are nothing short of sensational.

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  • Luxury Room

    Delicately decorated and tastefully furnished, this is where amenities and comfort coincide. The moment you step into any of our exclusive Luxury Room, the warmth and the gracefully appointed feel envelop you and leave you enchanted. Ajit Bhawan’s Luxury Room stand out from all other hotel accommodations in Jodhpur as well as Rajasthan.

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