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Why Jodhpur Is Known As Blue City or Sun City?

Why Jodhpur Is Known As Blue City or Sun City?

Jodhpur, the second major city of Rajasthan is known as the Blue city as well as the Sun City of India. It is one of the gorgeous cities in India. This city is acknowledged as the Sun City because it enjoys the bright and sunny weather all around the year. There are various good-looking Heritage Hotels and Palace Hotels in Jodhpur to watch. Jodhpur is a very well-liked tourist attraction destination as there are various forts, temples, and palaces to explore.

Jodhpur is also known as ‘Blue City’ as the houses are blue-painted in the old area of the city. It’s also been stated as the Metropolitan city of the Rajasthan as its population crossed over 1 million. This gorgeous city has many attractive places to visit that one at once can’t visit all at once. If you also want to visit Jodhpur, then must book your heritage hotels in Jodhpur and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the city. This Sun City is so mesmerising that one just wants to visit again and again.

There are many reasons why Jodhpur is called the Blue City. Most of the houses in Jodhpur’s old city are Blue-colored and some people say that the colour is associated with the Brahmins and that blue houses of the city belong to that caste person. It’s not the only grounds behind that are said. It’s also said that as it’s called as the Sun City because the weather remains bright and sunny all around the year, and to keep the houses cool Blue colour is used on the Houses. Blue Color helps in observance the Houses cool in the heat, which is very vital for the this the Sun City of India. And it’s also the fact that the whole city is not coloured Blue, but only the equipped old city near the Mehrangarh Fort are coloured Blue.



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Jodhpur is called the Sun City for a motive and the reason is that it typically enjoys sunny and bright weather all around the year. So the weather in the city is reasonably Hot. And it’s one of the big reason why there are Blue-colored Houses exist there. Now, the city is most commonly known as the Sun City as the sunny weather is around the city all over the year.

There are many traditional Hotels in the Jodhpur that one ought to visit once. These Palace Hotels makes you experience like that you are actually living in the house locals, then the Hotel. These Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur has the perfect environment that makes you feel like you’re into some kingdom or fort. Jodhpur is unarguably one of the finest tourist destination places in India. If you are planning to visit Jodhpur, then must stay in the beautiful Luxury Heritage and Palace Hotels of the Jodhpur. This stunning city is called as the Sun City as well as Blue City. Jodhpur is now most commonly known as the Sun City as all houses aren’t blue, but the Sunny weather is with the city all around the year.

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