Why is Rajasthan the Best Destination for Solo Travels?

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Travel plans, more often than not, require coordinating between multiple friends, or family members, if you’re that sort of a person. Since traveling in a group seems like a lot of fun, most people try and stick to them, rather than venturing out independently. However, there’s a big risk attached to it; the risk of people backing out at the last moment.

But by any means, that is no reason for you to call off your long awaited trip. Solo traveling is a pleasure too hard to relinquish, and there’s no reason you should think otherwise.

As clichéd as it may sound to you, if you’re someone traveling to India for the first time, Rajasthan should be your go-to destination. The state of Rajasthan happens to be one of best destinations in India for the wanderlust-stricken folks out there.

As it so happens, the royal land is also the biggest Indian state, and there are just tons of destinations to quench your thirst for culture, heritage and royalty.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why Rajasthan is the best destination for solo travelers:

1. Hospitality: Rajasthan’s hospitality is its iconic trademark. When you make way to this lovely state, you’d be inundated with warm, comforting smiles. The lively folks of Rajasthan are known for their off-the-cuff friendliness.

People’s innate warmth would instantly kill your apprehensions as a solo traveller and would help you kick off your solo trip with good vibes and would keep you going for a number of days.

2. Festive surroundings: Firstly, the contagious friendliness spread all around would make you feel at home throughout the trip. Secondly, if you choose the travel to Rajasthan during the winters, you’d realize how the harsh, arduous life of the desert state ceases to hamper the vigorous celebrations of these lively folks. Rajasthan is a dreamland of flamboyance and compelling folktales and the birthplace of numerous peculiar dance forms. Against the arid backdrop, Rajasthan is a riot of vibrancy and multifarious festivals.

3. Safety and a lot of me time: This might come across as surprising considering how Rajasthan is a highly conservative state, but the locals here know how to respect one’s individuality. Since the folks of Rajasthan believe in receiving each and every guest with reverence, there’s no need to carry that bag full of apprehensions.

And despite their friendliness, you’d often find yourself alone, unbothered, comfortable in your skin doing whatever you feel like.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise caution. Although Rajasthan is home to some of the most helpful people, who are quite sensitive towards vulnerable tourists, too much naivety can take you really awkward situations, which can sometimes be life-threatening.

Trust your intuitions and travel slow; for there’s a lot hidden beneath the sands of time, waiting to be unraveled.

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