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Village Safari – the most invigorating experience!

Village Safari – the most invigorating experience!



Jodhpur, the second-largest city within the Royal State Rajasthan, is the perfect place for a village safari. There are many Luxury Hotels in Jodhpur and you can choose one of them for staying with the Royal hospitality. Ajit Bhawan, the Top heritage hotel in Jodhpur, may be the perfect option for staying if you want to get the most invigorating experience of village safaris. Some ideas for village safari are as follows.


Bishnoi Village Safari


It may help you to get experience with the Bishnoi community of Bishnoi village in Jodhpur. You can get the information regarding the faith of worship for nature in the form of animals and plants among the villagers. You can watch different types of migratory birds such as domicile cranes, and other animals such as blackbucks, chinkaras, and so on around the Guda Bishnoi Lake which is a type of desert oasis. You can experience the customs and traditions of tribal families such as weaver family, potters family, farmer family, and so on.


Village Safari at Singhasini


Singhasini village is located at a distance of nearly 20 km south from Jodhpur. Pottery is the most famous works in this village. The villagers of Singhasni create efficiently amazing works of pottery which you can experience during the village safari at Singhasni.


Village Safari at Salawas


Salawas is known as weavers’ village and it is located at a distance of 22 km from Jodhpur. The local craftsmen make the durry or rugs using wool or cotton and traditional style of weaving of colorful Rajasthani culture and art. It is also famous for the folklore of the durry.


Village Safari at Osian


Osian is famous for Jain temple, village safari, and jeep safari. It is an important Jain pilgrimage center for the people of the Jain community such as Maheshwari and Oswal. It is also the perfect place for enjoying traditional Rajasthani food during the village safari.


We, at Ajit Bhawan, are a famous Boutique Hotel in Jodhpur. We have many options and amenities to experience the Royal culture of Rajasthan. We have options for rooms such as Deluxe Room, Vintage Suite, Luxury Tent, Presidential Suite, Ajit Suite, and Luxury Room. We also have several amenities such as restaurants, Gym, J-Bar, SPA, Vintage car, and so on. Ajit Bhawan, the Top heritage hotel in Jodhpur, is also well connected to reach several villages. So, you can easily experience many village safaris by staying at our Ajit Bhawan, the great Boutique Hotel in Jodhpur.


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