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The Blue City of Jodhpur and its Lakes

The Blue City of Jodhpur and its Lakes

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The state of Rajasthan is largely a dry state, even more so its western apportionment. With scant water bodies and extremely harsh climate for the most part of the year, the state has seen quite a few water crises in the past, the city of Udaipur being the sole exception.

It might, however, come across as a surprise to most, that the blue city of Jodhpur with its numerous treasures is also home to a couple of lakes.

Among its multiple palatial hotels, stunning palaces and humongous forts, the city also provides the nature lovers flocking the city with numerous opportunities to soothe their senses with 3 beautiful lakes, namely Kaylana Lake, Balsamand Lake and Sardar Samand Lake.

These lakes are an inexhaustible source of enjoyment and placidity for both local and international tourists and ideal for those who want to avoid the city’s maddening clamour.


1. Balsamand Lake: Just about 5 kilometres from Jodhpur on the Mandore-Jodhpur road lies the mesmerizing Balsamand Lake. A celebrated picnic spot among the locals, it is a scenic spot encapsulated by the mesmerizing Aravalli hills. Lying right beside the Balsamand Palace, the artificial lake was built in 1159 AD and is surrounded by lush verdure of lilies, rose beds and groves of mango, papaya and plum among others. Adding to the charm of the lake is the abundant wildlife thriving in the forest trails.

2. Kaylana Lake: Situated about 8 kilometres to the west of Jodhpur on the road to Jaisalmer, Kaylana Lake was constructed in 1872, under the reign of Maharaja Pratap Singh, the then Prime Minister of Jodhpur. It’s a mesmerizing artificial lake providing water to the most part of the city. Spread of 84 square kilometres, the lake presides over the area which was once home to palaces and gardens of 2 erstwhile rulers of Jodhpur. It’s the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate, offering one of the best sunset views in the entire city.


3. Sardar Samand Lake: Located in close proximity to the city, the beautiful lake makes breathtaking views and is an abode of migratory birds. While on the way to the lake, on a lucky day one can witness the famous Blackbuck, Chinkaras and Nilgai. Overlooking the hill stands the summer palace of Maharaja Umaid Singh, which now functions as a lakeside resort, offering equally mesmerizing views.

While on a visit to Jodhpur, one definitely needs to check out the Ajit Bhawan Palace, India’s first heritage resort. It’s an opulent property as glorious as the city of Jodhpur itself offering high-end, avant-garde services to its guests.

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