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Places of Recreation in Jodhpur City

Places of Recreation in Jodhpur City

Places of Recreation in Jodhpur City

Places of Recreation in Jodhpur City…

In the city of Blue, there’s just so much to do. Jodhpur, for timeless tradition and for its peaceful vibe has been doing rounds the world to gain its share of popularity. The simple town in the heart of Rajasthan has so much to offer that those who come are often seen sporting a wide grin and a bunch of pleasant memories when they leave.

From the epic fort of Mehrangarh overlooking the rest of the town to the sand dunes that surround the city. The blue streets and humble people, and rooftops up above the ground. The royal palace of Ummaid and the white marble Jaswant Thada the architecture in this city has given some serious goals to many and rightfully so.

But with so much to do around, there’s always evidence enough to say that Jodhpur also is the right kind of place for disconnecting and that’s what makes for a perfect getaway. Wondering already about the places that you can visit in Jodhpur? Here’s the thing, dig down and we’ll tell you more.

  • The Mehrangarh Fort: Humongous, gigantic, pathways running away with history and stories that everyone would love to believe and adore. The fort is an iconic place to be at in the city of Jodhpur with its amazing views of the city, heart-throbbing artists playing their tunes, and a detailed architecture to impress those with an eye for detail.

  • Shastri Circle: It’s a bit hot today? You drive down to Shastri Circle, smack on some amazingly tasty desserts and ice creams and all kinds of street food with a huge musical fountain insight, making things a little easy-breezy.
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  • Toorji Ka Jhalra: Fan of diving right into water? You might consider visiting this place in the old town, painted in misty lilac on its corners, the architecture of this stepwell is just another thing you’ll love to describe in your stories.
    Image result for Toorji Ka Jhalra

  • Mandore Gardens: The go-to a picnic spot for most kids is Mandore. Set up amidst the ruins of the city of Mandore, there is a lake, gardens that stretch, and prominent temples in and around this place, you can’t get any close to the time that’s gone than this.
    Mandore Garden, Ajit Bhawan

  • Ummaid Bhavan Palace: Of the things that will transport you into a state of awe, this is one. Amazing architecture, this one counts as the top heritage hotel in Jodhpur, it has been outright modesty of this palace to hold grand and royal weddings in its premises. The beauty of this palace simply can’t be put into words, you must visit it to experience it.

    Ajit Bhawan, Umaid Bhawan Palace

  • Ajit Bhawan: Ajit Bhawan provides the most exotic place to visit in Jodhpur and gives a more historic photo for their pre-wedding shoot. It is built in evident Rajasthani style which demonstrates the illustrious and dynamic culture of imperial Rajasthan. Jodhpur is the perfect wedding destination, can make the most of your legacy photoshoot in Jodhpur, you can likewise go for some bold exercises and appreciate agreeable remain in the luxury room in Jodhpur.

A heritage city, the blue city of Jodhpur surely has more that’s to be explored with its out of the box heritage restaurants, and more than a couple of royal places to stay in Jodhpur.

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