Royal Experience in Jodhpur City

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Five-star hotels are plentiful, but excellent hotels are rare. The “The Ajit Bhawan” brings together the best hotel services in the world in an exclusive selection. To guarantee an exceptional service to our customers, the collection has been deliberately limited a single property worldwide, selected rigorously by a committee of independent experts for the quality of their decoration.

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Why is Rajasthan the Best Destination for Solo Travels?

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Travel plans, more often than not, require coordinating between multiple friends, or family members, if you’re that sort of a person. Since traveling in a group seems like a lot of fun, most people try and stick to them, rather than venturing out independently. However, there’s a big risk attached to it; the risk of people backing out at the last moment.

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The Blue City of Jodhpur and its Lakes

The Blue City of Jodhpur

The state of Rajasthan is largely a dry state, even more so its western apportionment. With scant water bodies and extremely harsh climate for most part of the year, the state has seen quite a few water crises in the past, the city of Udaipur being the sole exception. It might, however, come across as a surprise to most, that the blue city of Jodhpur with its numerous treasures is also home to a couple of lakes.

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