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  • A Business Traveller’s Guide to Jodhpur

    • By ajitbhawan
    • Published on March 22, 2017

    For all of those stories about Jodhpur’s tough and harsh climate and other fables about adventures and trips gone wrong, there are numerous great stories too, which are often overlooked. The blue city never disappoints. With its indigo-hued mirage within the parched landscape, it’s like love at first sight for both leisure and business travellers.

  • Luxury Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

    5 Amazing Luxury Hotels In Rajasthan

    • By ajitbhawan
    • Published on March 8, 2017

    For an intimate and indwelling experience of Rajasthan’s warm hospitality and rich memoirs, there’s perhaps a no better way than scheduling an accommodation at any of the luxury heritage hotels in Rajasthan. For Rajasthan is the land of heritage with a shimmering royal past, which is still very much visible in its magnificent.

  • Palace Hotels in Rajasthan

    Jodhpur: The Perfect Getaway

    • By ajitbhawan
    • Published on February 15, 2017

    Ajit Bhawan guarantees a dive into royal Rajasthani magnificence. The first heritage hotel of India, Ajit Bhawan, never fails to fascinate its aristocratic guests with its imperial, kingly lifestyle. It is indeed a reflection of the princely era of Rajasthan. But there’s so much more to the jodhpur, which the guests often fail to notice.

  • Luxury Hotels in Jodhpur

    Rooms and Suites at the Ajit Bhawan Palace

    • By ajitbhawan
    • Published on February 1, 2017

    Spread across 20,500 square meters, Ajit Bhawan Palace features an outdoor pool, 2 authentic restaurants, an exquisite multi-cuisine café, a royal bar, and 69 ridiculously extravagant rooms. Through delightful and opulent gardens, and ornamented porches dazzled by vintage artifacts, the regal guests are escorted to their rooms.