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Machia Biological Park in Jodhpur

Machia Biological Park in Jodhpur

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How would one feel to be embraced by the very first day of Sun in the morning? Jodhpur is also known as “Sun City” as it is the first place where the sun becomes visible every morning. This city lies literally on the edges of That desert.

This city has multiple beautiful places to visit. MEHRANGARH FORT is one of them. This historic fort is among the most famous forts in India and is considered to be consisting history of legends. This fort still has the indentations of cannonball attacks on its second gate. The fort is known for its admirable latticed windows, carved panels, convolute decorated windows and walls of Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, and Sheesh Mahal.

Another one is KHEJARLA FORT. This 400-year old fort is located 85 kilometers in a rural setting of the city. The devastating red sandstone monument, now converted to a hotel, is an example of Rajput architecture. Visitors will be enthralled by the fort’s artistic settings, latticework embellished and obscure Jharokas.

Some more Jodhpur tourist places are Moti Mahal, as the name suggests, it is the Pearl Hall where the royal families used to hold their audience. The hall is known to have glass windows and five alcoves that enabled the queens to listen to the happenings taking place in the Sringar Chowki. Another palace situated within the compound of Mehrangarh Fort is the glass palace of Jodhpur, also known as Sheesh Mahal. This elegant piece of architecture is embellished with the walls of mirror work that stretches across ceilings and to the floors.

Machia biological park in Jodhpur is also one of the major attention-seeking places. It was gestated in the year 1992-1993. It is located on the western side of Jodhpur. The major objectives of this park are to educate the visitors about the wild animals, develop an affinity towards them and to provide an opportunity to people to be in nature and help them creating conditions for breeding multiple endangered species.

There is an ample amount of boutique hotels in Jodhpur Ajit Bhawan is a heritage hotel in Jodhpur. The first heritage hotel in India is Ajit Bhavan. Each room is like a feast to the eyes as they have authentic artifacts to complement the interior as well& nbsp; as the exterior. The culinary delicacies anticipate those permissive meals. The multi-cuisine restaurant promises a deluxe breakfast to begin your day. The pool with clear blue water is all needed by one to relax in the lazy afternoons. One feels mesmerized after staying here.

Jodhpur is one of the finest places to visit in India. It is truly said that Rajasthan indeed is the incredible state of India.

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