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Jodhpur Cafe – Experience Absolute Fine Dining

Jodhpur Cafe – Experience Absolute Fine Dining

Best restaurants in jodhpur

Rajasthan is a state of wonder and you will see these wonders in the form of massive forts, desert spreading as far as your eyes can see, Rajasthani music and last but not the least, the great variety of traditional cuisines.

You can find beauty in every part of Rajasthan but we you want it all together then you don’t have to look further than the city of Jodhpur. There are a number of places to visit in Jodhpur, from massive forts to illustrious monuments and much more. But you already knew that, so here we will talk about the additional perks of your visit to Jodhpur. Not only Jodhpur is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan, but you will also find Rajasthan’s best restaurants in Jodhpur.

Ajith Bhawan Palace is India’s very first heritage hotels and the best heritage hotel in Jodhpur. If you are looking for a royal stay then there is no better choice than Ajith Bhawan Palace. When it comes to fine dining in Jodhpur, nothing comes close to Jodhpur Cafe at the Ajit Bhawan Palace.

Jodhpur Cafe is one of the formal dining places at the Ajit Bhawan Palace and is very popular amongst the royalties of Jodhpur and the guests. Apart from a few intermittent breaks, the Cafe is open from breakfast to dinner. Not only will you get to taste the exquisite Jodhpur delicacies but you can also choose from a wide-ranging menu with selected Asian and Western specialties.

So, if you want to start every day of your visit to Jodhpur with world-class food with amazing hospitality at a beautiful Cafe then you must choose to dine-in at Jodhpur Cafe. The Cafe truly represents the tradition, royalty, and hospitality of the city and when you have such a great start to the day, you are bound to have a good day and the end will be with a fine dinner at the Jodhpur Cafe. At Jodhpur Cafe, you will see that everything is always the way you want down to the minute details. As they say in India, Athithi Devo Bhavaha.

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