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Facts about Top Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur – Ajit Bhawan

Facts about Top Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur – Ajit Bhawan

Top Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur, Luxury Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur

Ajit Bhawan – Top Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur…

On marks of the scripts of history, what only stands out till the end are stories. Forts, palaces and courts dust down to nothingness but stories outlive all seasons, over the years, speaking of a whispering tradition to the present day.

One such story is the story of a heritage home of the royals of Jodhpur – Ajit Bhawan. The beautiful engraved, architectured piece of a property right here standing tall in the heart of the city of Jodhpur.

Ajit Bhawan was meant for the younger brother Ajit of the Maharaja Ummaid of Jodhpur, and what less than thick, red sandstone walls, big arches, Rajasthani furnishings and roofs would have pleased the royalty.

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Built-in 1927, Ajit Bhawan is one of the oldest properties out there in the open that still are in a habitable condition. Still resided by the royal family in some of its parts, Ajit Bhawan also is open for tourism and offers royal stays that are nothing short of a morning dream.

Apart from the lush green gardens, high-end corridors, squeaky clean rooms, there is a myriad of other things you’ll love. Now be it the royal kitchen serving to you like real royalty or the vintage cars that they still maintain just so that you can feel the grandeur of the place. But that’s just not enough, is it? There’s a crystal pool as well, just in case you wanna catch up a quick drink from their finest collection of liquor.

The rooms from the inside are decorated with over the top rugs, classic wall paintings, murals and all kind of things that resonates with class. So, you are sure shot surrounded by everything that a true king would see on a usual day.

But, it’s not just like a stay and leaves properties, there’s something about the vibe of the place that makes it ready for one of the best destination wedding venues in Jodhpur. With an area of about 6 acres encircled within its boundaries, Ajit Bhawan counts as one of the top heritage hotel in Jodhpur.

So get your class an upgrade and book your stay at Ajit Bhawan right now!

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