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Camel Safari – A Pumping Experience

Camel Safari – A Pumping Experience

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If you have never been to Jaisalmer then it is high time that you visit this ancient fort city. This “Golden city of India” is all about doing the touristy things. From parasailing, paramotoring, quad biking, camping to jeep safari, camel safari and experiencing the ancient architecture, it is an adventurer’s wet dream.

With so much to do here, you have to pack your bags to go to this interesting city. And make sure that you enjoy the popular camel safari in the sand dunes.

Last year, I visited Jaisalmer with my friends and had a great fun while doing a camel safari. We loved every bit of it. But it’s not just Safari that you can enjoy in Jaisalmer. There so much to do and places to visit in Jaisalmer like Patwon ki Haveli, Nathmal ki Haveli, Tazia tower, Sam sand dunes and so much more.

A lot of companies offer desert safaris so you have a lot of options to choose from and get a good price deal. Even the hotel you took up for staying can hook you up with guides. A desert safari ride can cost you between 500 to 2000 bucks easily. It all depends on how much you are interested in splurging and making your ride a memorable affair.

Camel safari is something that everyone can enjoy, be it children or adults. Our group had the safari on our 2nd day of the visit. We hopped into the jeep with a couple that was from China. It took us close to an hour to ride into the desert. When we reached there, we had about 10 camels waiting for us right at the side of the road. I had never seen a camel before, let alone riding one, so getting on them was an experience in itself. The photo session with these goofy and passive animals was a lot of fun, what with wind blowing and us trying to get on the camel. We had three guides escorting us alongside our camels.

The temperature in Jaisalmer is hot but riding a camel had us thrilled and providing us with a nice distraction from it all. The desert in itself is a striking beauty that is dotted with bushes. During the monsoon season, the flat areas get cultivated with millet creating a nice captivating scene.

The prevailing wind blows the classic sand dunes every now and then. You can see the sheep and goat flocks grazing wherever they can. Even our frisky camels stopped often to munch on stray weeds while sauntering lazily. At night, we spend our night in the desert. Camping under the vast sky of stars is a splendid moment that you need to experience more than once in your life!

Riding a camel on the sandy dunes of the desert is a pumping experience that leaves you in awe of this graceful animal and the beauty of the majestic desert. Our whole friend’s group had a blast vacationing in Jaisalmer. Apart from camel safari, Jaisalmer has so much colour, cuisine and historic delights to offer you that it will only leave you wanting for more!

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