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Best Restaurants in Jodhpur

Best Restaurants in Jodhpur

Best Restaurants in Jodhpur

When it comes to Indian culture, proud and cuisine what instantly strikes to the mind is Rajasthan and especially Jodhpur which is a heritage of traditional cuisine and culture. Regards to this let’s have a look at the variant cuisine and best restaurants in Jodhpur.

If you have a plan to visit and feel Royal Experience in Jodhpur in recent days then do not forget to enjoy the famous cuisine and visit the royal restaurant in jodhpur we are going to talk about. To know more, tune in to the blog. 

Which are the Best Restaurants in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is an abode of culture, if you want to see the real roots of Rajasthani culture then visit the best restaurants in Jodhpur that will not only satisfy your appetite but also make you visit there again and again. Craving for the Rajasthani food is a different thing and not everyone gets the chance to eat the pure Rajasthani food along with a touch royalty that is served by the Jodhpur café. The café is serving Indian delights, western specialities as well as local of the Rajasthan.

You can call it best at its best nothing less than that. Jodhpur café is a vegan-friendly restaurant which is multi-cuisine and one of the four pleasant cafeterias to drink and dine at Ajit Bhawan.

Which is the Best Veg Restaurants in Jodhpur?

If you are one of them who loves to vegetarian food then Jodhpur café is here to serve with royalty and its best as you cannot expect less than that. Royalty in the culture and the food too.

Which are the Best Non-Veg Restaurants in Jodhpur?

If you are one of them who loves to enjoy non-vegetarian food then do visit restaurants of Ajit Bhawan that not only serves you with its best vegan food but the non-veg has its specialities. If you have a plan to stay for a night or even more then you can also stay at Best heritage hotels in Jodhpur and enjoy the Luxury Room in Jodhpur within Ajit Bhawan.

Which are the Best Dishes of Dhani Restaurants in Jodhpur?

The best part about Jodhpur’s one of the most famous restaurants “Dhani” is yet to come. When it comes to food, everyone seems to be a little foodie but the real foodies are those who just talk about the Dhani’s best dishes. The dishes such as thali which is nothing but an accumulation of the finest local delicacies that are once used to serve to the royals of the Rajasthan. The thali is prepared by the local Rajasthani women with immense love and warmth of the Rajasthan.

Which are the Best Garden Restaurants in Jodhpur?

Almost every one of us has a dream to have dinner with our loved ones at a beautiful place that not only provides you with calm vibes but also serves you with the best nature. To keep this in mind Ajit Bhawan’s garden restaurants is here for you all peace and royalty lovers. The Garden Restaurant of Ajit Bhawan is the best restaurants in Jodhpur, serves you with an unforgettable dinner under the blue sky with uncountable shining stars. 

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