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Ajit Bhawan – Best Place for Luxury Camping

Ajit Bhawan – Best Place for Luxury Camping

Luxury Hotels in Jodhpur

Luxury Camping has completely changed the game for the adrenaline junkies and wanderers. Imagine having all the adventures like hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and other activities and then coming back to your luxury tent with all the cozy facilities. In a luxury tent, you will get all the modern amenities and facilities which you won’t be able to get in any normal setting.

Ajit Bhawan provides you with a wonderful opportunity to stay at one of the best luxury camps in Jodhpur. Here you can enjoy a cozy bed with a comfortable mattress, gourmet meals, and a campfire all within a tent. You just have to come and relax, everything will be prepared for you in advance. That’s not all, each luxury tent at Ajit Bhawan is crafted and furnished with immense precision and fine detail. Like the rooms in the Ajit Bhawan Palace, the tents are also state of the art. We will go as far to say that you will get the best-tented camps in Jodhpur at the Ajit Bhawan Palace.

At Ajit Bhawan, you will find yourself surrounded by majestic gardens and your tents will be in the middle. Outside the tents, you can enjoy a bonfire with your friends and family. You can also enjoy traditional Rajasthani music and folk festivities.

You can also enjoy a desert safari and camel safari in Jodhpur in the sand dunes. The desert safari will provide you with an ample opportunity to explore the sandy deserts on camelback. In the middle of the desert, you can find tents made by the locals.

Staying in the luxury tents at the Ajit Bhawan Palace, you can experience the life of Rajputs in their time of glory. When the kings used to live in the tents and go to the wild for hunts, the hunts may not be the part of the experience now but you can have the thrill of living like kings. Not only will you live in tents, but you will also get all the facilities that can only be availed by the kings at that time.

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