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A Business Traveller’s Guide to Jodhpur

A Business Traveller’s Guide to Jodhpur

For all of those stories about Jodhpur’s tough and harsh climate and other fables about adventures and trips gone wrong, there are numerous great stories too, which are often overlooked. The blue city never disappoints. With its indigo-hued mirage within the parched landscape, it’s like love at first sight for both leisure and business travellers.

For all those travelling to Jodhpur for business purposes need not worry about the constant power outages, broken roads, claustrophobic traffic, overwhelming poverty and most importantly decent accommodation. All these aspects are just fractions of a larger story, a better story. You can always be sure to enjoy your business trip to Jodhpur with its hospitable folks guiding you through the city, catering to every need of yours.

All of us know how international business travels can be complicated and there are numerous factors to take into account before you hit the road. You should always keep it in mind when you travel abroad to places for business that you’re just not representing yourself, but also your department, your people and your country. And so, it’s important that you act accordingly.

Here are a few things to know that might be helpful in getting you prepared for everything Jodhpur has to offer:

  • Keep it conservative: Diplomatic meetings require you to be dressed very formally while it’s okay to keep it slightly casual for tech and startup meetings. Other than that, it’s best to cover up if you despise too much attention. It’s ideal to pack only few of your formal dresses and buy everything else while in the city.
  • Acknowledge the differences: Back where you come from, you’re shielded from the reality of poverty. It’s out of sight and so, it’s out of mind. That’s just not the case in here, and even in the rest of the country for that matter. You can step out of a 5-star accommodation to see hundreds of homeless rambling through the city. Play it cool and try and be as graceful as possible. Acknowledge each place in its own context for your presumption is not even close to the diversity the country offers.
  • Traffic indeed is merciless: Traffic is everything from rickshaws and cars to buses and cows. Yes, you read that right, cows. They always have the right of way and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. If possible, do not drive. There’s a reliable network of car rental agencies in Jodhpur with trained chauffeurs at their disposal, well-versed with the routes and road conditions.

Coming to accommodation, your go-to option should be Ajit Bhawan, known throughout for being India’s first heritage hotel. Swathed in supreme luxury, Ajit Bhawan Hotel is a soothing extravagance that is spread across 20,500 square meters and features 69 opulent rooms and suites, a lavish spa, cultural shows, multiple dining options, a bar and conference facility for business travelers.

It is centrally located within the city just 3 km away from Jodhpur Airport and 2 km away from the city’s railway station. A number of additional facilities like free Wi-Fi with the premises, parking facility, gymnasium/health club, airport shuttle and car rental among many others make it the best pick for business travellers.

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