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5 Things to do in Osian, Jodhpur

5 Things to do in Osian, Jodhpur

The ancient town of Osain is located in the Jodhpur district in western India of Rajasthan. There are many tourist attractions like India’s famous the Thar Desert, is located near Osain. This city is often known as the ‘Gateway to Thar’ because of its location that is on the border of the Thar Desert.

Must Visit Places In Osain

Osian is famous for its temples that are located in Khajuraho of Rajasthan. It was famous as the knot of Brahmin and Jain temple which were there in between 8th and 11th centuries.

    1. Dessert safari: In dessert safari many tourists, this thrilling activity is good for enjoying a unique desert experience and also spending quality family time. The camel ride is safe and quite enjoyable too. The man leading the camel was experienced and willing to stop at various intervals to click pictures for us. It provided a good view of the sunset for us too. Camel Safari over the sand dunes and seeing the various desert plants was an amazing experience.


    1. Craft: Osain has his own culture and craft, the make their handmade goods which are exported to various part of India.


    1. Temples: There are many temples to visit in Osian like Harihara temple, Suchiya Mata temple, Suriya temple, Kali temple etc which were established between 8th and 11th century by the various king.


    1. In the Gurjara Paratihara dynasty in the kingdom of Marwar, there were many temples that are built in that period. In the Gupta dynasty, it was the major trading centre and centre of Brahmanism and Jainism for hundreds of year which is abrupt and attacked by Muhammed of Ghor.


Jodhpur is a city of culture and royalty with a rich history going as far back as the 1500s. Jodhpur’s archaic architecture and traditional character are as unmistakable as they are inimitable. There are some best places to visit Jodhpur has been known for the king’s place.  Jodhpur is also known as the “Sun City”.
While staying here, you should find a hotel than wholly loves up to the magic of the city. In Jodhpur, there are many palaces that have converted into luxury heritage hotels. Every hotel has a story to tell. But only a few tells does lavish and glorious past of these palaces.  The most heritage and iconic hotel are Ajit Bhawan Palace that has been known for its prestige and hospitality in the world. The first hotel to be converted into heritage hotel of India before it was the home to Maharaja’s young brother, Major General Maharaj Dhiraj Sir Ajit Singh Ji.


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