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  • Lorazepam Online Cheap

    Every invitee stepping into the Great Lawns of Ajit Bhawan is impressed by the eye-catching artifacts that reflect the Royal Rajputana lifestyle. Hosting an event here is a style statement. The landscaped lawns and ornate plants add an irresistible welcoming touch. With a seating capacity of 350-450 attendees, whether social or corporate, it is the perfect choice for large events. Other features include:
    • Extra Amenities
    • Exclusive parking facility
    • Royal service
    • Additional accommodation (on request).

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  • Osian

    The facility at Osian, an oasis 65Kms from Jodhpur, is perfect for a wedding Sangeet. A welcoming sight of Bajot, Bolster and Gadda (traditional seating arrangement) awaits you. After a cool, refreshing drink, the attendees can enjoy jeep safaris and/or camel rides.

    Picturesque sunset, candle light and bonfires add an element of romance in the celebrations. Our arrangements include a stage where Rajasthani folk dancers entertain the guests in the evening. The attendees can also participate in the dance. The selection of cocktails and buffet spread will be an unmatched gastronomic extravaganza.

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  • Celebration

    “Atithee Devo Bhawa” (The guest is God) is a tradition that’s been followed in India since ancient times. At Ajit Bhawan your guest is our guest. You can be assured of well-trained, courteous and helpful staff. Every aspect of the event – decoration, seating, catering and service are all handled in a seamless manner. There is an array of appetizing menus that will please even the most finicky tastes. An event at the Zanana Garden will leave you with an impression of a splendor that is characteristic of the Royals of Jodhpur.

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  • Cultural Performance

    Rajasthan is famous for its rich folk art, music and dance. Traditional female dancers are typically dressed in bright coloured, sequined ghagras (long skirts). The men usually wear white garments accompanied by sequined jackets. The graceful movements and zestful display accompanied by ethnic musical instruments is a memorable treat. Live performances at the Great Lawn will keep the attendees enthralled while they partake of a delectable meal. Kalbelia, Ghoomar and Kachi Gori (puppet dance) are some of the most popular dances performed here.

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    Our Banqueting Advantages

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    Dedicated Event Manager

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    Regal Feast

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    Prompt Service

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    Adequate Reserved Parking

Want to party like the Royals of Jodhpur

A Banquet at The Great Lawn, Ajit Bhawan will assuredly be a grand event. For more details contact us at:

+91-2912513333, +91-2912510410

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